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By / April 8, 2011 / 2011 Season

While we were all excited for the first Opening Day to the baseball season, for fans of the New York Mets, this is a great time. It is a time where children are actually allowed to skip school to attend a game. Rightly so since their parents will be skipping work for the same reason.

It is an event. It is a family reunion. We get to come together and say “hello” to our baseball family that we said “see ya next year” to on the last day of the previous baseball season.

We come together to enjoy tailgating and talking about offseason moves, current status of the Mets, the do’s and don’t’s of this season.

No matter how negative people feel, there is always a feeling of excitement for a new season. People come to the ballpark hoping against all hope that this will be the season that things will be different. They cheer on their team until they lose their voices. They clap ’til their hands hurts.

Fans go to the shops to stock up on new clothes for their players, team, and other memorabilia. Pictures are taken all around the ballpark, some by people who are going for the very first time.

There is nothing like Opening Day. A fresh new start at home. A chance to get the fans behind you one hundred percent. (Good luck with that New York Mets.)

So Mets fans, go to the ballpark, even if you do not have tickets (like yours truly). Meet up with friends for some tailgating. Just go there to say “hello” to a baseball family you left behind when you left Citi Field for the last time. Enjoy the day!

Try not to “boo”. Only cheer! Give the team encouragement. Avoid discouragement. Show your pride. Never hide. Love your team. Always remember: YA GOTTA BELIEVE!


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