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By / April 15, 2011 / 2011 Season

The New York Mets are only 13 games into their 2011 season and they already seem to be floundering, by their own accord. Fans of the team did not have much hope to begin with and some are finding themselves jumping before even giving Sandy Alderson and company a chance to right the ship.

This team has lost five straight games which has caused them to land in last place.

Mets fans, it is early in the season. There were a lot of changes that were made to this organization. People and players are adapting to the new life that is here. During the offseason the Mets had a transplant in the front office. These new parts are now trying to get accustomed to their new surroundings. They are trying not to be rejected by what is already in place.

With that said, most of the players here are already acclimated. They know how to play baseball, otherwise they would not be here. Although, by my standards, they don’t anything about playing the sport. At least not the way it used to be played.

One problem that seems to still have carried over from the previous regime is that of quitting before all nine innings are played and 54 outs are recorded. Apparently, when the opposing team gains momentum late in the game, the New York Mets seem to just lay down and play dead like the dogs they seem to be.

This is not what Terry Collins is going to stand for. He said as much three nights ago and reiterated that Wednesday night. I think he is starting to reach the breaking point himself because he had to hold a team meeting after Wednesday night’s game.

Here is what I have to say. I am getting beyond pissed off now. This is not to say that I do not believe in them. However, if an opposing batter is constantly hitting you, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PITCHING TO HIM FOR??? If I were Collins, I would be ordering my pitchers to brush him off the plate. You warn the bastard. You show him, “Here is a warning”.

I am so sick and tired of the pansy style of playing baseball. Where are the fights? Where are the warnings? Where are the “I’m-taking-you-out” slides? What happened to doing whatever it takes to get on base and score?

These are just some of my pet peeves with the New York Mets. There are players who will lean in on a pitch just to get on base. Hell! If the bases are loaded, I’ll take getting hit by a pitch to walk in a run.


I do not understand the concept of constantly pitching at Troy Tulowitski. He keeps hitting everything thrown at him. Common sense: STOP PITCHING TO HIM STUPID! I don’t want to hear: “You tip your cap to him”. Apparently, he owns the Mets now. He is comfortable. The Mets needed to make him uncomfortable and brush him.

Another thing: This is to all of the people who want the walls lowered or brought in. Clearly nobody else has problems hitting home runs in Citi Field. It seems it is a Mets issue. So you want to give average opponents a chance at hitting home runs in our ballpark? SERIOUSLY???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Our players need to man up and hit. They need to pitch.

Collins said they “keep having one bad pitch, one bad swing away from winning a game”. Then stop having one bad pitch and one bad swing. Pitch and hit. Wow! What a concept!

Does anybody else remember Collins talking about playing baseball the way it was meant to be played? Well, the way these Mets are playing, you would think they are a bunch of little leaguers. That is exactly the way they are playing.

I said it once and I’ll say it again.

These are supposed to be grown men. It seems to me they are better off setting up tables and chairs in the outfield for the Mets so they can have tea and some scones with their opponents. They play like a bunch of pansies. Why not go the whole way?

Pinkies up, ladies!

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As a lover of baseball and the Mets, I completely agree with your statements regarding how this team is playing baseball! I miss the toughness and “in your face” style that a New York baseball team should represent. Come on Mets, get tough!!


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