Wright: Could One Swing Create An Awakening?

By / April 21, 2011 / 2011 Season

Before tonight, David Wright was going through an awful slump at 0-20. He did it with a bomb to left field. He continued to hit for the rest of the night with a double and tacked on three RBI’s to his total for the year.

So here is my question: With Wright seeming to break out of his slump, at least for tonight, could this get the rest of the team going with the bats? Everyone keeps talking about him being Captain of this team. So if the Captain hits, does this get the rest of the team going?

We would all like to think that it would. After all, you lead by example.

So if Wright is hitting, the other players should be hitting as well. With players like Jose Reyes (.329), Ike Davis (.289) and Carlos Beltran (.286), it is time for other players to step up, especially ones with a higher pay grade like Wright. Welcome back Jason Bay who also contributed tonight with a double. Even pitcher Chris Capuano had a double.

Tonight was a total team effort.

The New York Mets need their big bats to come out swinging. They need to be consistent. Those bats include Wright, Bay, and Beltran. We could probably throw in Davis. The rest of the team needs to just do whatever it takes to get on base. It could be getting hit by a pitch, a walk, a single. You get the idea.

The team needs to understand that always swinging for the fences will not get it done all the time. This is where Willie Randolph was smart. He understood that and preached it to the players.

Plus, I think Terry Collins getting ejected might also have helped to spur these players on. I’d like to see a few more ejections.

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Mike S

I sure hope so. All the power in this lineup and Reyes leading the team in average. That’s not good. Hopefully with Bay back we can turn things around and I pray Bay hits the way he’s supposed to.

Tanya Mercado

I don’t know what it is about Flushing. But every big bat that comes there always seems to die. It makes me crazy. I’m hoping Bay brings all that power that he had in PSL to Citi. It would certainly help.

David Ganz

i am watching now, Tanya and enjoying tonight ! i have no doubt the Mets offense will be good to very good once all is said and done. i am concerned about both the injury to Angel Pagan, and the way Angel has been swinging the bat. he is very important. your not going to move Carlos Beltran to centerfield. and idealy, you would like to have Willie Harris coming off the bench. so i ask who then.? maybe they have a prospect who plays centerfield in the minors. one way or the other, i hope so !

Tanya Mercado

I wouldn’t be too concerned about Pagan. He’ll come around and start hitting again. As for the injury, let’s just hope it isn’t severe. There really is nobody who can come up and play that I’m comfortable with. The only outfielders we have are Harris and Hairston. Harris is the only guy you can in CF at Citi.


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