An Epic Event at Citi Field for Reyes

By / May 15, 2011 / 2011 Season, Media

The fans refuse to stay silent in determining the fate of their beloved shortstop, Jose Reyes. They were not quiet when another shortstop, Rey Ordonez, called them “stupid”. So expect them to be heard.

Well one fan has decided to take the task in making a very loud statement to the front office, especially GM Sandy Alderson, about what should happen with Reyes. Should the Mets trade him and hope to get something in return, should they let him walk, or should they re-sign him.

We all know what we want him to do. One stat, the amount of walks he gets, could be the key to his future. Yet it is the most insane stat to go by when Reyes can do just everything else. You turn a blind eye to that stat. As I mentioned in my article for Mets 360, Reyes is the one player who appears to be the true face of this franchise. David Wright just takes the heat. Reyes does everything else.

So here it is. There is one day where you as a Mets fan can come out to Citi Field and make the loudest statement possible regarding the fate of the most exciting player in baseball:

Friday, June 3, 2011 at Citi Field at 7pm.

This is the designated date for the event by Donna Bauer. I would say arrive at least an hour early and hang out just outside the ballpark where the media is. The larger the group, the more coverage it will get. Reporters want stories. If we see a big crowd, it makes us curious.

There is also another thing you need to do. Go to the 7 Line and order a “Don’t Trade Reyes” t-shirt to wear to the event. For all event details, you can go to the event page on Facebook.

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Donna Bauer

THANKS TANYA… we will be outside the Rotunda entrance handing out our printed invitations until 6:30 pm so that we get a huge group on the SHEA BRIDGE at topof the 5th inning…BE THERE TO BE HEARD


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