Mount St. Collins Erupts on Mets

By / June 3, 2011 / 2011 Season, Press Conferences

It took a poorly executed game like the one against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday night to force Mets manager, Terry Collins, to finally erupt. What took him so long to go in on this team? Well, I guess he had so many different ideas to play with. When he ran out of them, he decided to let loose and put his players in a position to play the game the right way.

An eruption by your manager will wake you up and probably make you more aware of what it is that you are doing. As a player, you still have to go out there and execute plays. The manager cannot do that for you. You have to make your pitches, hit the ball in spots that will place your team in a position to win a game and run the bases with your brain and not just your eyeballs.

Players have said this was a wake up call for them. However, it should not have reached that point. These players are paid to do their job and they are not doing it. For far too long the New York Mets have become the biggest underachievers in New York and there is no excuse for it. You thought the New York Giants were underachievers? They have nothing on these Mets.

Willie Harris was quoted as saying:

When I play, I play hard, and I want to win.

Well, Harris, I think it is time you actually showed you want to win. All of the times that you came out and tortured the Mets playing with the Washington Nationals, you need to start playing like that again. Maybe you are still on their payroll.

Collins is talking about making some changes. Smart man! Put some of these guys on notice. Let them know that they are all replaceable. Nobody is untouchable because realistically, that is the case. Mets GM, Sandy Alderson, really has not loyalties to any of these players like Omar Minaya did. In his mind, anyone and everyone can go.

The manager has stated that the coaching staff takes some blame too saying:

We’ve got to do a better job. We’ve got to take responsibility for this.

With that said, there is only so much that Collins and company can do outside of going out there to play the game themselves. Bringing up Triple-A players can work because those guys know they only have one shot to impress management and stay with the big club. They are hungry for the big stage. Justin Turner has certainly proved that. He has taken full advantage of his opportunity with this club. The minor leaguers will make sure their head is in the game constantly.

No matter how slice it, there is no excuse for piss poor baseball. This is exactly what the 2011 New York Mets are giving the fans. The loss of Ike Davis and David Wright is no reason at all to play like an A-class team. It is disgusting. It is embarrassing and I have had it with their crap already.

My message to this team:


Your days are numbered. Everybody gets moved at some point. Play like you want to be here and win some games. Enough of the stupidity and half-ass plays!

Just sayin’!

Sure they won yesterday. Today is not yesterday. It is today. Every game that they play could be their last. They need to play that way. If not, they get the pink slip.

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