Alderson to Choose Between the Present and the Future

By / June 11, 2011 / 2011 Season

We are nearly halfway through the month of June and serious moves to help this 2011 New York Mets team have yet to be made. Here are the questions going through my mind: What is Alderson waiting for? Why is he waiting? When will he make a move?

Maybe his lack of moves already give us a hint to what he has decided: skip 2011 and go for 2012. After all, that is another viable option. I would like to believe he really believes in the team that he has, but even I’m not that naive.

So Alderson could be set to make moves involving the two players who have actually been doing their job: Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. After all, between them and Francisco Rodriguez, he has some good trade bait for teams already in a race for the pennant. I would not mind seeing Rodriguez go. No tears will be shed on my part. I would hate to see Beltran go, but even I have said that he is a DH at this point in his career. While his knees have held up thus far, who is to say he will not have problems next year. At least as a DH, he will have a longer career.

I will not get into Reyes because that is for another blog.

Here is the situation for Alderson. He needs to decide whether the present is more important than the future. Say what you will about former GM Omar Minaya, but he pretty much stocked up the farm system after nearly trading everyone away for Johan Santana. Minaya did good with the farm even though the big club failed. Players like Ike Davis and Jonathon Niese are still here because he believed in these guys. Same with Josh Thole and others. So it isn’t as if Alderson needs to make an insane amount of moves.

The Mets are only 4.5 games out of the Wildcard and seven games out of first in the division. There is still hope in this team, but Alderson needs to decide if it is worth making any moves this year. Does he believe in this team enough to let it ride and make additions? Or does he see this team choking yet again and failing in the games that matter most?

The talent is there. The performances have not been. Performances need to be considered. Bay is struggling. R.A. Dickey is proving to be a somewhat one-hit wonder. He is a shadow of what he was last year. Johan Santana is supposed to come back sometime next month or August. Those are just some of the problems. We will not mention David Wright and Davis. If they were here and you combine their bats with Beltran, Reyes and Pagan, this team makes it and moves can be placed on hold.

In a little over a  month, Alderson will be making the decisions that can make or break this season. He will be sending a message to this team and their fans of believing in the team for 2011 or jumping ship to compete in 2012. With everything this team has gone through and the farm being what it is, there is still plenty to believe in. With bats like Wright, Davis and Bay out, the team has still been able to be within striking distance of the playoffs.

As fans, you cannot think about how many teams are ahead of the Mets. Think about the talent they have right now on the field, soon to come off the injury list and those in the minors. Yes moves need to be made, but they can be made through within.

So do you bet the farm or do you give up, lick your wounds to another failed year and plan for another one while dealing with the critics, the fans, and even the owners?

Personally, I choose the present. The future is already secured.

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Joey Torres

Dickey has pitched better of late,Neise reminds me of a young Andy Pettie while Dillion Gee has one less win than Roy Halladay. I say go for the Sandy…make this Mets team better from within and make only a trade or two without giving up any key guys.


I agree with Joey Torres re: R.A. Dickey. Murphy’s defense @ 3rd betrayed R.A. tonight vs PIT; he has pitched much better lately after scrapping the idea of slowing his knuckler (which I believe caused his control issues).

I won’t count Santana in the mix until he’s in uniform & pitching for the Mets. This franchise needs to get past hoping & just deal with what they have in front of them, something for which Collins should be commended. That being said, I’ll welcome Santana with open arms should he return this season.

I don’t envy Sandy’s position right now.


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