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By / July 8, 2011 / 2011 Season

Happy Friday everyone! It would be a happier one if the Mets won last night, but at least they took the series from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Here are some things I think you definitely need to check out.

I recently did a video chat with On The Black‘s Kerel Cooper. We had a great conversation about Justin Turner, Carlos Beltran, whether or not the Mets are buyers or sellers and other topics. We also took some of your questions. Make sure you check it out here. Or watch it below:

A sad story about what happened at the Rangers-Athletics game last night leads me to wonder if players should throw balls to the fans in where the safety is questionable or if railings should be raised to chest level rather than waist level. The video is a graphic. So use your own discretion.

Lastly, the Post is saying Alderson is accepting calls on Beltran. MLB Trade Rumors is saying that there are ‘secret’ negotiations with Reyes’ agent.

With all of the said, enjoy your Friday and may the Mets take out the San Francisco Giants, forever traitors to New York City.

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