Trades: K-Rod, Beltran, and Isringhausen

By / July 13, 2011 / 2011 Season

Very few Mets fans are upset over the trading of Francisco Rodriguez to the Milwaukee Brewers. Granted the Mets did not get much out of it with just two players to be named later, but at least his hefty $17.5 million vesting option goes with him. As a matter of fact, he had become a very much hated player after the incident with his girlfriend’s father.

This is old news already anyway. Here we go onto some trade talks with the deadline approaching and Alderson showing he is ready to make some moves.

Carlos Beltran and Jason Isringhausen cannot be traded under any circumstances if the Mets seriously want a chance at winning games. Well, at least Beltran cannot. Isringhausen has another value to this team.

We’ll start with Isringhausen since you have probably heard all of the Beltran talk already.

With Rodriguez out of Flushing, the Mets have Bobby Parnell who has been rumored to be their future closer. I think the ideal situation would be for Isringhausen to close some games, since he is only seven saves shy of 300 career saves and it would be great to see him get it as a New York Met since he started here, and let Parnell shadow him. Parnell can learn a lot from him considering he has been around the majors and clearly knows a thing or two about saving games.

I think Isringhausen would be a great teacher for Parnell in that bullpen. So I say he stays. All of our bullpen guys can really use a veteran like him. You can put a price on leadership.

Now with Beltran, if you trade him, you give up on the season. David Wright is not back yet. When he does come back, we do not know how he will be hitting. Beltran has been carrying this team during the season along with Jose Reyes. So trading him would be telling the fans that you are not going for it this year, but would rather focus on next year.

With that said, I understand you would like to get something in return for Beltran. I would like to see that too. However, I would rather see that if the Mets have less than a 5o percent chance of making it to the playoffs. He gives the fans hope with his bat. I would hold on to Beltran to see what happens.

At first glance at the Rodriguez trade, the Mets are sellers. Yet, Alderson has clearly stated he still expects the Mets to play baseball on a competitive level. He feels they can still compete for a spot. So I am hoping to see some moves that will increase the team’s chances for a playoff run rather than just the unloading of payroll. I do think this will help to save money to increase their chances at bringing back Reyes.

So right now Mets fans will be playing the waiting game. Hope you have your TUMS with you.

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