Mets Losses Seem Like The Worst Losses

By / August 3, 2011 / 2011 Season

I was listening to WFAN today and heard Ken Rosenthal say that the past two losses have been the worst losses in major league baseball. I won’t argue that those losses were pretty brutal. I just think the media over dramatizes everything involving the Mets, especially the losses.

This I will admit to: Daniel Murphy’s mistake in Monday’s game had me almost throwing the remote through the television set. The guy was just standing there trying to figure out what to do.

It reminded me of a Bugs Bunny episode where the dog looks at Bugs saying “Which way did they go George? Which way did they go?”. He has no instincts. If only he could field like he hits. Murphy knows what to do with a bat, but with a glove, he is all thumbs.

We cannot forget David Wright’s throw. There is a reason people say he should be moved to maybe first base. Well, he would have to go to another team for that because Ike Davis is not going anywhere.

Last night’s loss was just one more reason this team is always looked at as a joke. The hitting is not consistent and poor defense. Do not get me wrong. Even the media cannot argue with what Terry Collins and this 2011 team has done this year. However, it does seem as if, just like the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Mets are starting to come down to earth a bit.

Well the Mets need to kick it into high gear tonight and going into the Atlanta Braves series. Should the Mets lose in tonight’s game, they will be handing over the series to the Braves on a silver platter and ending their season.

I would love to see the Mets win tonight, and like Collin on the CFoD fan page on FB, I would like to see the Mets take two out of three from the Braves. I will at least take that. A sweep would be better, but let’s just be a little realistic here. The Mets need to make some moves. Enough with two steps forward and then three or four back.

How about always forward and never backward? Not very realistic, but let’s try to be a little optimistic here.

If they want to move forward, stupid mistakes have to be avoided. Guys need to step up their game. No more throwing the ball away ala Wright. No more looking into space ala Murphy. They need to hit more consistently. Once these things are done, this team can make moves and avoid their games being called “the worst losses in major league baseball”. Maybe the Mets can kill the media’s constant soap opera critiques of the team.

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