Carter and Reyes Not Ready, But Johan Is

By / August 16, 2011 / 2011 Season, Injuries

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Let’s just get the bad news over with. I would rather have
someone tell me bad news first and end things on a good note.

So the bad news is Gary Carter is not ready for the next round of chemotherapy which, according to reports, is the strongest round. His daughter stated on the family website Carter’s white blood cell count is too low. So he will just be resting for right now until Monday when he has another appointment.

These things are always hard to hear. Yet it is not like the tumors have grown again. So, just like the family, you just have to pray his white blood cell count gets higher.

Second piece of bad news is regarding Jose Reyes. He is no better than he was when he went down on the DL. It does not look like he will be able to be reactivated on August 23rd. Reyes has not done any working out and is not even scheduled to start baseball activities. Look for a September return. Terry Collins is more optimistic feeling Reyes will begin working out soon.

Now that you are as depressed as I am, here is the good news:

There is your good news for the day. Santana is hoping to still make a return to the majors this year. Personally, I feel he should just shut it down and focus on next year. He is no good to us now.

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