Mets Uniforms To Get Updates

By / August 16, 2011 / Past, Present and Future

Mets fans you have been wanting this for a long time and you are going to get it. The Mets uniforms are going to get a little bit of a new, or rather old?, look next year and in 2013. As if the uniforms have not gone through extensive evolution already. Let’s add some more.

According to Dave Howard, executive VP for business operations, the blue jersey’s that most Mets fans went crazy over will make their way into the extensive Mets jersey collection the team will wear in 2013. It could also be used sporadically throughout the 2012 season. Even the Mets players, like David Wright, have said they would prefer the blue jersey to the black one.

Now, as for 2012, the Mets are going to be unveiling a new uniform to commemorate the Mets 50th anniversary celebration. Howard told Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, those uniforms will be resembling the 1962 uniforms. It makes sense since they are being made for the 50th anniversary. You can check out pictures of both away and home uniforms on Metsblog.

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