Message to Rollins: Shut the hell up!

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You have to love how players on other teams love to obsess over the Mets. Take Jimmy Rollins for example. The Philadelphia Phillies are in the playoffs right now. Right? Am I wrong on that? I wish I was. Anyway, being a player on the Phillies, you expect some jerk-like comments or other things to come from him.

He does not disappoint.

With everybody up in arms about what Jose Reyes did on Wednesday (more on that in another post since I am so irked by the whole thing) Rollins decided to throw in his two cents. Not that any of us really wanted it. Here is what he told Mike Puma at the New York Post. Keep in mind, he claims to be a Reyes fan:

I would have played the whole game. I’m like, ‘Hey, I fought this hard to be in this position and I’m going to see it through to the end.’ My personality, I’m going to ride it out. I worked this hard to be this good and put up these numbers, I would like to see it all the way to the end.

I don’t think it’s lack of confidence with Jose Reyes, but that is the way he wanted to do it. For what reason, I don’t know. It could have been outside influences. His agent may have told him, ‘If you get up there, if you get a hit your first AB, you come out.’

He went on to say he felt Reyes had not put the team first in previous years. I didn’t realize you could put the team first while the organization keeps screwing up your career making you change your running style and then being constantly injured.

It should be noted that Rollins is in his final year of his contract as well. When asked about this, he had this to say:

[Reyes] had a great year, but with free agency you take a year and a career all into consideration…you take the things you don’t see on the field… Is this guy a winning player? How does he impact the team by himself when he’s in…out of the lineup?

Baseball is not only about numbers…but you get people to fall in love with you and want you around and give you a little bit more money when you can do all the other things along with putting up good numbers.

Well Rollins, looks like you are not getting the money. Not many people will want you around. You have always been a jerk. You will continue to be a jerk. Stick with Philly. You’ll be right at home.

Reyes has gone through injury after injury. The Mets have messed with his game. He’s been through a lot. For Rollins to come out and say what he did was uncalled for. Reyes will get the money. He puts butts in the seats. He brings excitement to the game. This year he really did come to be what we all expected him to be. It is disappointing it took this long to happen, but at least it did.

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