Riggleman Not the Man for the Mets

By / October 10, 2011 / 2011 Offseason, Media, Rumors

So the man who bailed as the Washington Nationals manager earlier this year wants to interview to be the bench coach of the New York Mets. Interesting! Anybody else see a problem with this?

My issues with this:

  1. First of he all he bailed on his team. Why? A contract dispute. You bail as the leader of your team because you have issues with your contract? Are you for real? This is the attitude you want in New York? As if this team does not already have their issues.
  2. Probably the worst of all.

    It was reported by SI.com that Riggleman could not get the veteran players like Jayson Werth who was among the biggest divas refusing to do pregame drills as per GM Mike Rizzo’s request. If you have a problem with getting veterans to do what they are told do, something is wrong. You are the manager. You are the leader. What you say goes. If upper management has your back, what are you stressing about? You bench the guys who refuse to listen.

    The Nats would have been a better team if they would have done their fundamental drills. Hell! The Mets need to do fundamental drills. Are you going to have a problem getting them to do it?

I would love to see Wally Backman as bench coach. Can you imagine that? Terry Collins would get thrown out of a game. Backman takes over. Backman gets thrown out for throwing a temper tantrum. Hey! At least the fans will get some entertainment next year.

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Edgy DC

Problem is that if you have no contract, and Jayson Werth is due to make $122 million through 2017, you’re not going to come out on top of any confrontation.


You bring up good points in tis post. But Alderson brought in Terry Collins and that ended up working to the Mets advantage this season. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt as to who he chooses as the bench coach.
Especially since every clubhouse is different. The Mets don’t seem to have any “divas” on their team and the fiery Collins worked just well with them this year so I’m sure they don’t have any problem taking direction.
Anyway, very insightful post good work.


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