The Passion of a Fan Base: The Mets Fan

By / October 18, 2011 / 2011 Offseason

Everyone you have been asking and I have granted your request. Here is the first vlog for CFoD. I hope you all enjoy it. I decided to talk about the Mets fan base vs that of the Jets, Rangers and Knicks, which many of you are fans of.

Leave your comments on what you think of it. It is my first one and it will get better as I go along. Trust me when I say this. Especially when I have more time on my hands.

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donna bauer

I for one must be in the monority because rather than spend $400 on ONE football game, would rather double that and get to go to 15 METS GAMES…..and you already know that I go even when our amazings are not playing their best baseball….SO I cant answer the question posed but can only summon the METS fans and implore them to GET TO GAMES THIS YEAR…..we do and we have a GREAT TIME….(win or lose) spending time with our BOYS and with our FRIENDS! PS…tickets this year to the upper deck will be affordable…GET THERE or quit yur bitchin about the team not having any money to spend…..cant spend what they dont make! LBM



Hey, Tanya, why are you blasting my teams? What about the Giants, Nets or Islanders haha OK I’ll shut up, don’t know the story behind all of that! Go Raiders, Kings/ Ducks and Lakers/ Clipps


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