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By / October 20, 2011 / Books, Media

On Tuesday night’s The 5 Tool Show, the all baseball podcast I do with Kerel, former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca was on the phone with us to discuss his new book “A Moment in Time: An American Story of Baseball, Heartbreak and Grace”. If you have not read this book, you must go get it.

Congratulations go out to Ray Kina and Bryan Thompson who won copies of the book during the show.

We spoke to him about the shot heard ’round the world, his friendship with Bobby Thomson, Jackie Robinson and more. I could have spoken to this man all night. I even got his take on adding an additional wildcard. See if he agreed with me or Kerel.

To hear the complete interview, click here.

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What a great interview! Great story teller! He was a regular at the Dodger fantasy camps, very accommodating guy. Hope that the Dodgers leaving the east coast AGAIN doesn’t stop him from coming here!


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