Francesca: Marlins Make Offer to Reyes?

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In case you have not already heard:

This should not be a shocker since we all expected teams to go ahead and make offers. Despite what his family and friends have told him, Jose Reyes will be listening to offers from other teams. I am just sorry that it is the Marlins who did it first. This does not mean he will be signing with them. It is still early in the offseason.

He will be meeting with the organization.

If this really is the new uniform for the Marlins going into the 2012 season and Reyes signs with them, my deepest condolences. They are by far worst uniforms I have ever seen, that includes the Astros uniforms of 1975 and 1983.

I do not understand the whole rainbow. Is it really necessary? I understand you trying to re-brand the team and everything, but this is just plain ugly. I would be ashamed to wear this.

Well whatever happens, it seems there are quite a few Mets fans who would not mind watching Reyes leave. One CFoD reader and The 5 Tool Show listener, Chris, had this to say about him:

what have we won with him? plus he’s always hurt…he’s a me first player as we saw the last day of the season…if he really cared about us fans he wouldve stayed in the game knowing full well that it might’ve been his last game as a met….no wonder why we and reyes choked back in ’07 and ’08….no mental toughness at all

My argument is the same thing could be said about David Wright in regards to not winning anything with him. He has not been able to hit in the clutch. Pitchers who were supposed to pitch well, just have not come through. The offense has died. The pitching just did not exist. You cannot put all the blame on one player.

I would be sad to see Reyes go. At the same time, if it happens, we move on. It is all a part of the game of baseball.

Oh and by the way, Jon Heyman is also reporting that the Marlins manager, Jose Guillen, is pushing for either Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols to sign. Looks like the Marlins are going to be the big spenders of this offseason. Move over New York Yankees.

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