50th Anniversary Mets Press Conference

Photo Credit: Michael Baron (Metsblog.com)

Today was the unveiling of the new uniforms and patch for the Mets 50th anniversary season.

It was emphasized by Howie Rose that the anniversary is all about celebrating the fans. It really is true that Mets fans are the greatest fans because they are so loyal to their team.

Here is all of the important things from the presser.

  • Banner Day – Banner Day will be back for the 2012 season and Dave Howard said he knows the fans will want it beyond the 2012 season.
  • Bobbleheads – There will be bobbleheads of past great players. It will  be one per decade with The Franchise, Tom Seaver, being the first one in April.
  • Tickets – The Mets 5-game anniversary packs will go on sale November 28. They will be $50.
  • Mets50.com and Fantastic at 50 – There is a separate Mets website just for the 50th anniversary: www.Mets50.com. There you can participate in a contest called Fantastic at 50. Mets fans can submit their favorites Mets memories for a chance to win two season tickets.
  • Mets Hall of Fame – The Mets Hall of Fame at Citi Field is going to be updated with new exhibits to highlight their 50 years of existence.
  • Uniforms – Ike Davis, Lucas Duda and David Wright were on hand to model the new uniforms. Cream pinstripe uniforms will be the main one. Black drop shadow was eliminated as well as the black and blue caps. The Mets will be going with only the blue and orange. The black jersey will remain as an alternate, but will be worn during select game and mostly on the road. Batting practice jersey is blue and orange.
  • Old Timer’s Day – There will be no traditional Old Timer’s Day. It was felt not enough fans come out for those games. Instead they will have alumni come to Citi Field throughout the year.
  • Promotions – Announcements regarding promotions will be made in the coming weeks.

Howard did take a question from a reporter and put him in his place stating the celebration is not a distraction and it is a wrong to say that it is. He acknowledged the issues surrounding the team, but feels there are better days ahead.

The Mets fan and franchise is known for resiliency, loyalty, and dedication and those are the things we look forward to celebrating.

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