Tweet, Tweet: Wright Tweets with Fans

By / November 16, 2011 / Press Conferences

After today’s presser, David Wright took some time out to tweet with the fans. There were some good questions and those are the ones I’ll feature here. He clearly does not have experience as a Tweeter. So I had to try and make sense of the tweets.

Tartmaster: Feelings about the new walls?

Wright (used @Mets): I’m a hitter and now the park is more hitter friendly, so obviously I’m excited.

Now let’s get some of that excitement into some home runs. I do not want to hear any excuses this year from him.

koosman3669: Would you switch positions for the good of the team?

Wright:  I don’t know what other position I could play. I’ve always been a 3B.

There always seems to be some type of talk with changing Wright into a first baseman. I really do not see that happening, especially with the Mets. Not saying it cannot be done. Just saying I do not see that happening with him.

DustinK27: If u don’t have the opportunity to play next to Jose who would be ur next pick?

Wright: Ruben Tejada-he showed he can play every day.

Well he better get used to playing with Tejada because there is no way that Jose Reyes is coming back. Wright has made it clear that he would love to see Reyes back. Reality is he won’t.

MetsMerized: Now that the CF dimensions will be altered to help make it fair for RH hitters, will he re-adjust his swing to pre-CF form? Pull more?

Wright: One of my strengths is going to right-center and center so hopefully it will help.
Hopefully? Is he serious? We need more than “hopefully”. These changes were made for the entire team, but I feel it was mostly for Wright and Jason Bay who have made it known how they feel about the dimensions.

So that is about it for the Q&A with the fans. It was nice that he took the time to talk to the fans. It will be nice to see how Wright performs with the walls being moved in and being healthy for a whole year…knock on wood.

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