Goodbye 2011 Mets, Hello Mr. Ya Gotta Believe!

By / December 31, 2011 / Minors, Offseason

The year 2011 seemed to have been just another flat, monotonous, atrocious, aggravating year for the New York Mets and their fans. At least, that is what many would have you believe. With the Wilpons still in power, it is easy to see why many focus on the worst rather than dream of what can become.

What many fail to see is that the Mets gave us glimpses into our future.

Yes, we lost Jose Reyes. We lost his speed, electricity and defense. You know what else we lost? His injuries, at times poor attitude and self-righteousness. Think about that before you shed anymore tears or see him in the Miami Marlins uniform in 2012.
What we saw was the potential in Ruben Tejada and the power of Lucas Duda. They gave us dreams of a true power threat in David Wright, Duda and Ike Davis. Combine that with the walls moving in and you can actually dream of Jason Bay hitting to his full potential again.

Dare to dream about home runs being hit out of Citi Field again.

We saw the farm system take more shape with the tremendous addition of Zach Wheeler as we said our teary farewells to Carlos Beltran. The pitching rotation of the future is something to keep our eyes on with Wheeler and Matt Harvey as we continue to believe in what Sandy Alderson and company is doing.

What Mets fans fail to believe in is the impact minor changes can have overall. They forget what they had in 2000 with little people like Matt Franco, Benny Agbayani and Jay Payton. The minor things usually result in the most dramatic results.

With 2011 coming to a close, let the doubts you hold deep within you go out with it. Let the words you say after “Happy New Year” be “LET GO METS! YA GOTTA BELIEVE”. Because when all is said and done, the games are not written on paper. Every single game, day and night, are played on the field. Every pitch makes a difference. Every diving play, swing of a bat, stealing of a base, take out slide and fight could result in a win for the New York Mets.

Despite what is happening with the Wilpons, they do not play the game. It is ever player in that dugout and bullpen who make or break their own season.

In 2012, let the spirit of Tug McGraw take over your Mets soul. May the words “YA GOTTA BELIEVE” always be uttered from your lips with true sentiment behind them. May you never give up and always be true to the great ol’ orange and blue. The players believe in their fans. Now you believe in the players.

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Lorraine Martinez

Girl, I’m a die hard Yankee fan, but your words made me believe…lol. I’m tempted to say Let’s go Mets!!!!!!!!!!!! Its about that time we meet up in the World Series again.


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