One Mets Fan Says: “I wanna believe like Tug McGraw”

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The media loves to throw in every one’s faces how the fan base has given up on their team. To those journalists

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I say: “You are way off base“. A huge Mets fan on FB by the name of Gonzalo Fidalgo wrote this poem about the New York Mets. I thought I would share it with you guys.

I still feel that ticker tape,
a deep eight-six is still gone.
I write to my blue & orange bed room,
my distaste and Mr. Wilpon.
My lips are bleeding,
from all these pinstripe salutes.
I bit my tongue so hard,
drops fell on my timberland boots.
I look for comfort in my MSG KNICKS,
but next game = 1 – 6.
For Mets fans October
has become a charade.
As I watch “THEM”
dance in another parade.
I dont hate the player,
but I am sick of this game.
69 miricle,Buckner and Endy,
are only claims to fame.
I remember 1986,
I just started High school.
I saw a Dynasty in the making,
but heartbreaks be came a rule.

99′ 00′ 06
shot down in blazes
without glory.
I thought winning was Manuel,
when we had X-stripes Randolph and Torre.
Rings I predicted “LOTS A”
when we had Hampton and Mike Piazza
I put Bacardi in my Lemonaide,
but was stuck sucking Lemons.
When Piazza didnt charge,
that yank-sock Clemens.
Hope was left ..I felt a tingle,
But a Brave face was only Robin
a grand slam single .
The series of the Subway,
was to some an excitement.
But our inferior team,
became our indictment.

I want a Wright celebration,
and tell lady luck we bought her.
I wanna see A-rods next and last ring,
with Goldie Hawns daughter.
I want broadway engulfed
in orange and blue.
I want to kiss a girl
at Citifield I never knew.
I wanna remember
The day I saw …
I wanna Believe…
like TUG McGraw

Great job Gonzalo! Thanks for the poem.

To the New York Mets of 2012 and beyond I say: The fan base is here. The fan base believes. It is time you believed in yourselves. I mean really believe in yourselves. Maybe it isn’t so much the fan base, but the players who need to find the inner Tug McGraw. Pitchers and catchers will be reporting for duty soon. Time to prepare was all winter long. Now is the time to put the pieces together and bring to Flushing what has eluded us for too many years.

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