Speaking out against the Wilpons: Infectious and Necessary

By / January 10, 2012 / Media

It is well documented how fans of the New York Mets feel about the Wilpons and others associated with them. Fans are so disgruntled that they are willing to skip going to see a team they love in hopes of sending a message. What they fail to realize is their message is heard loud and clear. The Wilpons are not deaf.

However, one player of the team has decided to speak out.

Most of you, if not all, have probably already read the article on the New York magazine site about all of the Mets problems being blamed on the Wilpons.

My problem lies in hiding behind an article rather than owning up to what you wrote. It needed to be said. I agreed completely with what was said. The Wilpons are a mess and it is a tragedy that they are now turning a big market team into a small market one.

Here’s what interested me:

It hurts me to say this, because I’ve always liked Fred Wilpon. I know in his heart how much he wants the Mets to succeed. He’s always lived and died with the team. But there comes a time when it’s no longer possible to be in charge. Fred doesn’t have enough money to make it work.

There is actually someone who believes Fred Wilpon wants the Mets to succeed. Not because of money like we all think, but because Mr. Wilpon truly loves this franchise. Well with love comes knowing when it is time to let go. We are always told that if you truly love someone and things are not working out, you let them go to love someone else. The same could be said here.

Love is knowing when to let go and move on. To truly love is to want what is best for the individual or, in this case, an entire organization.

As Mets fans, we truly know what it is to love a team. We sacrifice everything just to be able to go to one game.

We live with this team. We die with this team. We cry and cheer. We are defeated and we are victorious.

What separates us from the players is at the end of a season, we do not pack away our things from our lockers. We stand up and continue to wear our Mets gear in public holding our heads high while chanting, “YA GOTTA BELIEVE!

So there it is. One player who stood up and spoke out against the Wilpons.

We can sit around and try to figure out who it was. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. It just matters that it was said. It matters that one person shares a passion for this franchise with the fans. It matters that he helped to stand up for the fans.

It matters that you, myself and the players love this franchise to say what needs to be said in hopes that someone in Major League Baseball will stand up and do what needs to be done to right a sinking ship.

Good night, Mets fans!

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