Mets and CFoD: FANtastic at 50 Celebration Starring YOU

By / January 15, 2012 / Media, Past, Present and Future

I have often wondered what makes sports so intriguing. Why do people watch them? Why subject themselves
to the torment their teams put them through? What is it that makes people come back year after year after year no matter how awful the previous one was?

As I was watching the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers game with my dad, I realized what it was.

The secret is the enjoyment of spending time with family. It is about making memories with those you love. It is about a father showing his son, or in my case daughter, the difference between a strike and a ball. it is about seeing a ballpark for the first time and that first hot dog or catching a foul ball.

It is all about the memories. So while the Mets have their own Fantastic at 50 happening, I am doing my own version.

I will be interviewing random Mets fans on the street and posting the videos on Youtube and here on the website. You will get the chance to talk about your Mets memories and share them with Mets fans everywhere on video.

So Mets fans, if I see you wearing Mets gear, I just might stop you for a quick interview. This will be done throughout the entire year. Be ready to share your memories. It’ll be a great way to celebrate the Mets, friendships and family. The year 2012 will be a year of re-living old memories and creating new ones.

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