Here’s Looking at You, Kid!

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Everyone is well aware of the situation regarding Gary Carter. It is not looking good for the Kid who gave this city and their fans something to be proud of. Prayers, words of encouragement and well wishes are being sent his way everyday on the Team Carter page on Facebook.

One Mets fan, Gonzalo Fidalgo has written something for Carter and has decided to share it with Mets fans through CitiField of Dreams. Enjoy. Share your Gary Carter stories in the comments section below.

Here’s looking at you, Kid

All eyes on you Kid,
as you wait on deck.
You never ran from a challenge,
so it’s time to put this cancer in check.
Beat this like you beat the sox in game six,
when we had last licks.
You beat this twice,
there’s nothing you can’t fix.

Two outs in the 9th,
your hit gave us life.
But this ones for you,
your children and your wife.

We watched you play at Shea,
when you were an Expo.
Then with our boys in orange & Blue
saying, “lets Go Mets Go”.
You always played by the books,
and the league thought we were crooks,
when we got you from Montreal for
Youmans, Fitzgerald, Herm and Brooks.

In my heart I know you should not be catching colds,
you should be catching Doc,
just once more.
And you should be cleaning up,
between Mex and Straw.

My eyes still see you,
hustling around the bases
and squatting behind home plate.
Hit one last opening day Homer for us Kid,
Cause Heaven can wait.

Thank you Gonzalo for sharing that. I’m sure many Mets fans can relate to it and wish for the same thing. Great job!

To Gary Carter, you played for a team that never believed in giving up, but always believed. You are not alone in this. We are all here for you. You fought to give us a championship. Now we are here to share with you our strength to keep fighting. Our prayers are with you and your family. We wish you well. With love, Mets fans everywhere.

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