Link: Beltran tells Mets fans to move on. He did.

By / January 25, 2012 / 2011 Offseason

Last night, Carlos Beltran was at the Baseball Assistance Team annual fundraising dinner. While there, he had a few words for Mets fans everywhere regarding the 2006 NLCS game against the St. Louis Cardinals. One of the things was this:

What happened in 2006, you have to turn the page. That’s over.

It’s already been six years. If they want to continue to think about that moment, that’s their problem. But I turned that page. I really moved on.

I am so happy he finally said what I have been saying since 2008. Mets fans tend to hold grudges for a lifetime. They wait for that moment of redemption before they forgive a player for a mistake that cost them everything.

Beltran stood on his own two feet and told everyone to move on with their lives.

Everybody makes mistakes. Do not get me wrong. I wanted the Mets in the World Series too. I was pissed when I saw him just standing there with the bat on his shoulder and that Adam Wainwright curveball went right passed him. I was the first one flipping out.

It has been too long since the team has been in the World Series. At this point, it has been too long since the team was just in the playoffs. I’ll be happy with a wildcard. There was a time to get over it. For too long Mets fans called him “a bum” and wanted him run out of town. Last year seemed to be the first time where most fans stood behind him. Most of you have gotten over it. So to Beltran I say:

You are kind of old news now and we are over it. No reason to be worrying about you and 2006 now that you are no longer here. We only care about our team and getting into the playoffs.

Carlos Beltran, we wish you all the best. Unless the Mets are playing against you. In that case, I hope they annihilate you and your new team. Just sayin’. Nothing personal.

To read more of what Beltran said, click here.

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