Debate: Fred Wilpon “Tired of Throwing Money”

By / February 27, 2012 / Media

Earlier today, Mets owner Fred Wilpon addressed the media. He had plenty to say regarding the status of the payroll, the shares that are currently being sold, the players and Sandy Alderson. Kevin Burkhardt tweeted this:

Is this even something we should be debating? You have to agree to a point with Wilpon, Sr. All the money that has been spent and not to have any type of success outside of 2006 is disgusting, offensive and laughable. What is the point of investing in players who are supposed to take the team to the playoffs if it does not happen?

Was money spent poorly? On some players like former Mets Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo, yes. Other players were good investments, but it just did not work out. Does Wilpon deserve to be criticized? He deserves criticism for not so smart stock investments. However, it is the job of the general manager to put the best team on the field and the owner to sign the checks.

You cannot argue that he spent money. You can argue how it was spent: poorly. So I cannot really get upset with Wilpon for saying he is tired of spending money. He is not getting anything in return from the players. It is like you investing in a brand new car, but it keeps dying on you and you have to call AAA at least three times a month. If spending the money does not work, then why keep doing it?

Think about it this way.

You, the fans, are spending money on this team. You are investors. A team was put on the field and you thought it was a good team. The thinking was they had a shot at the playoffs. So you spent your hard earned money on watching the games at the ballpark, buying the jerseys, and thensome. So you are spending money on a team that had a crazy payroll and was just unproductive. How do you feel about that?

I am not saying money should not be spent at all. Sometimes you have to spend the money to get results. You just have to know where to spend it. That is the job of the general manager. Sandy Alderson has to go out and really convince Wilpon that a particular player is worth the investment, like David Wright.

The outfield walls at Citi Field have been brought in to accommodate the players. If the “face of the franchise” wants what his buddy Ryan Zimmerman got from the Washington Nationals, six years at $100 million, then he has to man up and prove it. He has to force Wilpon’s hand. This is not going to be easy.

So my question to you the fans is: To a certain degree, do you agree with Fred Wilpon?

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