2012 Mets: Bad Romance?

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Before you all think this is a negative blog, it really is not. It is a poem written by Gonzalo Fidalgo. I thought itwas written well and decided to post it to share it with all of you. It is a poem with dreams of what the future holds. Enjoy! Let’s Go Mets!

Oh 12 Mets…Bad Romance

They chose them
and they dont give us a chance.
but I’m still GA-GA for my Mets
in a bad romance.

We wait on a Wilpon
and what a ponzi scam brings.
As we watch # 7 in Miami and
his $100 million hamstrings.

They make bold predictions
about clueless inflections.
But missed the steroid age,
with Bonds & Clemens subscriptions.

I will not predict cards that are wild
or a champagne in a Citifield of Dreams.
But I have flash backs of yesteryear’s
and to me what this team means.

Whats in store for us in OH’12?
I dont know, I am not Gonstradomus.
But I do know the SANDY era
is now upon us.

I love # 15
let him win.
But without King Albert
he is a Cardinal sin.

Keep watching STRIKE 3.
Your departure is our healer.
If it wasn’t for you,
there would be no Zack Wheeler.

The present is cloudy,
but the future brings,
Orange and Blue Ticker tape
and 2 more rings.

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