Photo: Mets Go For the Seats

By / March 11, 2012 / Past, Present and Future

While interviewing Mets fan, Joey Torres, for an upcoming video, he brought out this ad for Mets tickets.

Those were the days when it was easy to be a Mets fan. Darryl Strawberry had a magical swing. You knew when he hit a home run.

Now, with everything happening with the Wilpons, it is really hard to get the butts in those seats at Citi Field. Maybe the possibility of seeing more Mets home runs will bring Mets fans to the ballpark. They say the players will have a greater chance at winning. When a team wins, the fans do come.

How many of you will be at Citi Field this year? Even if it is just one game.

Look for the interview with Joey coming later this week.

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