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By / April 5, 2012 / Regular Season

Opening day is finally here. I imagine this is the type of letter Terry Collins would write to the Mets fans today. Enjoy!


Dear Mets Fans,

It is the start of a new season. It was a rough spring training with so many of our regulars out like David Wright. My heart stopped when  I heard Ike Davis might have valley fever. Then there was Andres Torres who went down. I couldn’t help but think, “No f****** way this is happening.”

You no doubt have questions about this season. You are worried, angry, nervous. You aren’t sure whether you should believe in this team or not. Wondering just how good this team can be without Jose Reyes. This is what this letter is for. To tell you…


I don’t want to hear about what you think about the Wilpons. I don’t care. Stop your whining. You say you’re Mets fans? Then get your asses to the games. It’s opening day and there are so many tickets available. HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MINDS?

You can say whatever the hell you want. This team has worked hard to get themselves ready for this season. I’m not saying we are winning the World Series. What I am saying is that my players, your team, is going to go out there and fight tooth and nail to make themselves matter or die trying. It is a tough division, but things could break our way.

Johan Santana is a go for today’s season opener. He has been itching to get out there and do what he was brought here to do. It was great watching him in spring training. He is solid. There is no question he makes this team a hundred times better than what people want to think.

Wright and Davis are back. We have Duda, who put on the best power display down in Port St. Lucie. While I tend to think there may not be any hope for Bay, I believe in everyone else. Maybe I can platoon him with another player. The walls have been brought in and lowered. Imagine the home runs that are going to be hit.

There is excitement in the air. It is a new year with new possibilities. I can assure you I am going to make this team earn respect. The New York Mets will not be the joke of this league. With any luck, that title will be bestowed on the Miami Marlins or the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Opening Day! A day that erases all wrongs from seasons past. My boys are going to go out there and play to the bitter end. Now you, the fans, need to come out to Citi Field and believe. Isn’t that what Mets fans do? Believe?

If you aren’t going to come out to the game and support us, then shut up and quit complaining. 

Now let’s get this season started.


Terry Collins

New York Mets Manager

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Phil Groh

As I said last fall, the NY Giants will s**k because they did nothing in the off season like other teams did. Then they won the SB! Sorry, Terry, but your team will s**k because of the owners unadmitted misfortunes. Proove me wrong and I’ll eat crow again! You’re off to a good start, but until then I have the right to complain and will sure as heck exercise it!


Phil I think this team will do better than people think they will. The Phillies are old and hurting. They are missing Howard and Utley. The Marlins have a lot of drama and just might implode. Two writers are putting the Braves in last. I think the Mets will have a winning season this year.


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