Mets Find Home For Little Jerry Seinfeld

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The Mets’ team mascot, a chicken named Little Jerry Seinfeld is reportedly all set to head off to a new home at the Farm Sanctuary in New York’s Watkins Glen. It seens that the entire team has become somewhat attached to the bird, which was originally bought as a practical joke, and were keen to ensure that it ended up at a good home.

When news first broke of the Mets’ new mascot, everyone wanted to know about the chicken named Little Jerry Seinfeld. You could barely browse sports sites news or play games places like without hearing talk of the team’s feathered friend. It was Tim Byrdak who originally purchased the bird after Frank Francisco caused controversy by calling the New York Yankees ‘chickens’. Rumour has it that the team originally told Francisco that the chicken had been sent over by the Yankees themselves, before confessing to the fact that it was actually Byrdak who had purchased the bird.

The chicken had been largely cared for by team chef, Theresa Corderi and was in attendance for a Saturday night game at Citi Field, enjoying a meal of berries and oatmeal. However, the team have decided that it they will be unable to keep Little Jerry Seinfeld due to the amount of time which they are required to spend on the road. Despite the fact that several members of the team were reported to have become quite attached to the temporary mascot, the decision was made to take him to a sanctuary, although several players have since stated that they intend to visit,

Meanwhile, the Mets are reportedly planning to replace Little Jerry Seinfeld with a rubber chicken who will not require quite so much care and attention, but will still make for a suitable mascot.

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