New York Mets Season: Our Moments to Cheer

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Another season has come to a close. One more season without playoff October baseball being played in Flushing, New York.Another season where this team was ridiculed despite the joke that is the Miami Marlins. Even though the Marlins spent like crazy during the last offseason, only to finish last in the division, it seems the Mets are destined to be the punching bag for sports writers and sports talk programs.

We can argue about so many things that happened this season. Did the team quit down the stretch? Did the Wilpons just not care enough? Did General Manager, Sandy Alderson, really not have a choice but to sit on his hands at the trade deadline? Is he so obsessed with the future he has in mind that he chose to do nothing when he had the chance to? Did players lose respect for their Commander-in-Chief, Terry Collins?

Yet this “disappointing season” really was unlike any other disappointing season we witnessed, shared. History was made, records were broken and homage was paid to a team that we all have loved throughout our lives. We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the New York Mets on and off the field.

The 2012 New York Mets overachieved in the first half. Or maybe they played to their level. Robert Allen Dickey emerged as a top of the rotation pitcher is the first knuckleballer to be considered for the Cy Young award. He showed what true master of the knuckleball looks like. He finished his season with a 20-6 record. It has been a very long time since we saw that.

You saw it this year.

Ike Davis started this season slow because of his illness, but powered through in the second half as we watched him smack over 30 home runs. I called it. He did it.

David Wright broke two records: Darryl Strawberry’s record for the most RBI’s with numbers 734 and 735. Two in one plate appearance with a home run on April 25th against the Miami Marlins. He also broke Ed Kranepool’s record of the most hits among Mets players with hit number 1,419.

But we should bow our heads in shame?

June 1, 2012: Mets First No Hitter

How quickly we forget that 2012 brought an amazing historic moment for us, that one moment that we have been waiting years to witness.

Johan Santana, who came back from a shoulder surgery that many thought would end his career, pitched the very first no-hitter in Mets history. He still had one great game in him.

The date June 1, 2012 is in the history books now. You were there to see it.

How appropriate was it that it was against the St. Louis Cardinals? The very team that ended our postseason back in 2006?

No, my fellow Mets fans. It was not just another “disappointing season”. It had its special moments. We shared in those memories that were amazin’ and kept us talking for days. Think about the new friends you made this year. Think about the great times you spent with your children.

We always end up so focused on a team’s performance that sometimes we forget about those memories we made during the season. Those times is what makes baseball the greatest game in the world.

Otero with his daughter: Best moment

During my final of the season, while the adult Mets fans grumbled, it was the little kids that reminded them that you still cheer for your team. One little girl (not pictured) with her Mets foam finger started to chant, “Let’s go Mets”, and every one around joined her. That’s what it is all about.

Kids don’t care about wins or losses. They are just there for the love of the game, the team and their parents. What made this year great was even though it looked like the team was done in August, quite a few of you still believed. To those who did, great! You made Tug McGraw proud.

So with another season in the books, we look forward to next year. We look forward to seeing which of our kids from the minors will come up and be major leaguers. Which of the kids will have a great impact on this organization? There’s also the 2013 All_Star game.

Plenty to look forward to. Go out with your chins up. It could be worse. You could be Miami Marlins fans. All that money spent and still finished in last place. Proof that spending money doesn’t make championship teams.

Think about that during the offseason.

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