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By / February 6, 2013 / Books, Media

Last night Kerel Cooper and I had the pleasure to chat with author Greg Prince from Faith and Fear in Flushing. ItThe 5 Tool Show was a great conversation about the New York Mets, Michael Bourn,  and his four new volume book series “The Happiest Recap”.

Here is what he had to say about OF Michael Bourn coming to the Mets:

I think the fact that Bourn has just sat out on the market for so long has made me sort of lick my own chops in thinking that maybe we really could get an honest to God lead-off hitter, centerfielder, take some pressure off the corner outfielders and, you know, kick start the line-up.

Hear the entire show below. You can catch the show every Tuesday at 9pm on Blog Talk Radio and ‘like’ it on Facebook. You can order Greg’s book on Amazon.

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