Where the Young and the Old Will Collide

By / April 1, 2013 / 2013 Season

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This isn’t just another baseball season. For Mets fans, this will be a season of “goodbyes” and “hellos”. It is the season of resurgence. Call it a transfusion, if you will. This is the year where the young and the old will collide. The reins will be passed on to the future. It starts with Jonathon Niese. It will continue with Matt Harvey, Travis d’Arnaud and eventually Zach Wheeler.

Don’t try to wake up. I can assure you isn’t’ a dream.

Yes, Johan Santana is out. While I did, like many of you, love to watch him pitch, the time has come for the young to take their rightful place in Flushing, NY at Citi Field. It starts with the pitching. They are the first to come up.

Teams like the Yankees and Phillies are getting older. Other teams like the Marlins and the Angels are the big jokes of the MLB with fire sales and outrageous contracts. Yet the Mets are among teams like the Nationals and Braves who are getting younger. Isn’t that something to hold your head up high about?

I am not just trying to get you amped up for the season. I’m not even trying to say this is going to be a playoff season. What I am trying to convey is the potential of a dynasty. That is how they are built. NewYork Mets GM, Sandy Alderson and former GM Omar Minaya did great in building the pitching from within. Thanks to Santana, it was under his leadership that Niese is ready to take his place as the ace of this pitching staff.

Still think Santana was a waste of money?


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The outfield may not be stellar with Lucas Duda in left, Collin Cowgill as the everyday center fielder and Marlon Byrd in right. Kirk Nieuwenhuis as a backup. But what they lack in stardom, they have in grit and determination. They have veterans who can hold it together and mentors.

The infield has a captain who will be they key to this team. He had been dubbed “Captain America” during the World Baseball Classic. Yet this captain will be more than just a captain. He is their leader, strength and heart. He will get this team going when it needs to.

Catcher John Buck is holding d’Arnaud’s place. Again, a veteran who is holding a place for his protégé. The future has arrived.

It started with one pitcher: Niese. It will continue until a dynasty has been brought to the ballpark in Flushing right off Willets Point: Citi Field.

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