Zach Wheeler, Travis d’Arnaud for Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton

By / April 11, 2013 / Players, Rumors

If you liked the CFoD fan page of Facebook, then you know what this is about. The fact Andy Martinowheeler, from the NY Daily News, even brought this up made me scratch my head. I cannot imagine this trade happening.

Zach Wheeler and Travis d’Arnaud are set to come up later this year to take their place in the future of the New York Mets. Two gaping holes are about to be plugged up with them. So where is the logic for trading them for one player.

Don’t get me wrong. Nobody is saying it wouldn’t be great to have Giancarlo Stanton on the team. You can’t argue with his numbers, especially from last year alone: 37 HR, 86 RBIs, .290 BA, .600 SLG. He would be a  massive boost to the offense, but the price is too high.

The price? The future of the New York Mets.

Some make the argument about pitching depth in the farm citing Jeurys Familia among them. But are they ready to come up now to make an impact like Wheeler and d’Arnaud?

John Buck has been rock solid, but he is only the veteran who will take Travis to the next level when he comes up. When Wheeler makes his debut, the Mets will have one of the best rotations in Major League Baseball.

Yet they are debating giving that up for one player?

The future that has been talked about for the past three plus years is here. The pieces are in place. The single most glaring problem is the bullpen. Fix that and the Mets are set to make a run.

A trade for Stanton is a trade for waiting longer. I think the fan base has been waiting long enough, don’t you?

Stick with the formula that is working right now. Build from within. Get one or two pieces from the outside without having to sacrifice the very thing you worked to have: pitching depth.

Believe in what is in front of you. It is what the fan base does best. At least that’s what I have been told.

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