The 7 Line Army Marches to Reform the Mets Fan Base

By / May 23, 2013 / 2013 Season

There is no denying the state of the Mets fan base. It is the same as this team and organization: losing its luster. Unless this team starts to win, nobody wants to come to the games. You would be hard pressed to find a fan who cares anymore.

Or so you thought.

imageEnter Darren Meenan, huge Mets fan and the creative beast behind the 7 Line. He decided to make attending games worthwhile. He is bringing back what baseball games is all about: having a good time while rooting for your team.

“When you sit with The 7 Line Army you may not know the person sitting next to you but you instantly have a connection through the team you love.”

That is how he describes what his outings are like. “A player gets a hit, you high-five each other and the bonding process begins. It’s really a cool sight to see people get together and become friends because of baseball and our outings.”

Just this past weekend, Darren invited what he calls the 7 Line Army, to Chicago for the Mets-Cubs series. Fans from all over ventured out. There were people from over 17 states and even other countries who came out to Wrigley. From big heads to group pictures to cheering on the players, it reminded me of the days when going to a game was just fun. If you watched the game on television, I’m sure you saw the sea of orange. There was no missing it.

Going to these outings makes you forget about the current state of the Mets. The bonus is the players seeing their fans are behind them no matter what. They get to see that loyalty has no strings attached. There is no “win-games-or-else”. It shows the players and the organization the fan base will pick them up.

What makes it better, as Darren says, “Sitting with hundreds who share your enthusiasm is a unique baseball experience.” A unique experience indeed. Those who have gone to hang out to form the 7 Line Army always have a blast.

With all of the bitterness and anger that Mets fans are feeling right now, I was curious to know why would anyone want to try to instill faith into a fan base such as this one. Why would anyone go out of their way to do anything for a fan base that almost wants nothing to do with this team at this point? I mean, with all of the losing, one can only put up with so much.

The Mets cannot seem to bring the fans to the games, but Darren has not had any problems bringing them out. Is it the free giveaways? For Darren, it seems it is more about the camaraderie. You suffer as one or you cheer as one. “I personally “believe” in the fan base. I want to win just as much as the next fan. That’s why we are there. To enjoy it when the tides turn and we are on top again. The losing does make you a stronger fan though.”

When you have a bad day, you want somebody to be there to pick you up. The same can be said for the Mets players. They are a family. Picking each other up is what you are supposed to do. You don’t get a divorce if your significant other loses their job. You work harder. Same thing goes with this team. Win or lose, the New York Mets are your team until death do you part. So pick them up. There is enough of you to carry them for a little while. If you need some therapy, head on out to Citi Field to hang with Darren and his band of orange t-shirts.

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