Ike Davis Helps Bring Back Fire to the New York Mets and Fans

By / May 30, 2013 / 2013 Season, Players

There seems to be something in the air and it isn’t just pollen. Something has begun to stir. It’s something that has been missing for the entire month of May. Baseball? No. That’s been played. The New York Mets? No. Despite their losing ways, they have been around too.

So what could it be? Oh I know! Passion. Love. Fight. Above all that, belief. Faith.

Here’s the thing. It isn’t enough for the fans to believe in their team. The team has to believe it. If they don’t believe in themselves or each other, they are setting themselves up for failure. It’s like when you go to school to take a test. You know the material. You studied hard for it. Yet for whatever reason, you start to doubt yourself when the test is in front of you. Once that happens, you already failed without putting pen to paper.

Well, after winning four games in a row, three being against the Yankees, I think it is fair to say that anybody associated with this team, from the fans to the players, faith is there. You can see it on Facebook, twitter, and on the streets. From the Empire State Building to the Golden Gate Bridge, Mets fans have found their deepest passion come back to life.

The defeat of the greatest closer in the history of the game, Mariano Rivera, in back to back games, has helped to add new life into what seems like a dying season. Baseball is a game of unwavering faith in yourself and your team. Believe in your talent. This game we have all come to love is part mental and part ability. It really is not an easy game to play. You have a stick that is, according to MLB rules, 23/4 inches in diameter to hit a ball that is either coming at you 90-100 mph or curving or doing some other type of gymnastic movement. You have less than five seconds to figure out what is coming your way. Think about that. It boggles the mind when you really think about what the hitters are up against.

Ike Davis seems to have some life to him after all. My faith never wavered. Daniel Murphy has been huge in this series, no matter how hard Brett Gardner has tried to keep him at bay robbing Murphy of home runs. Everyone in the lineup has stepped up their game. The fans have also stepped up theirs.

It may be just an Interleague series game and many feel it doesn’t impact a season, but it does. This series against the New York Yankees, a team that immigrated from Baltimore and tries to pass as the true team of the greatest city in the world, has the potential to turn this Mets season around.

So as the Mets go into the last game of the series, continue to believe. Keep the faith. Keep the passion for the orange and blue. Continue to cheer on the only true New York City baseball team.

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