Collin McHugh: Mets Pitcher Tweets It Best

By / May 31, 2013 / 2013 Season, Players

With Jon Niese out thanks to tendinitis in his throwing shoulder, Collin McHugh will be making his first start of the season against the Miami Marlins this Saturday. What a way to come up.

After the Mets swept the New York Yankees in a four game series last night, McHugh took to twitter and tweeted this:

“You can call us the NYC Sanitation Dept. because we just SWEPT the Yankees from Queens to the Bronx.”

Welcome to the team, Mr. McHugh. Mets fans everywhere agree with his interpretation, I’m sure, even if Mike Francesca disagrees with it. I think it is kind of refreshing to see a guy coming up to help out his team and he was excited about the series sweep.

McHugh took pride in what his teammates did. Why crucify him for expressing it? Whether he helped them win or not is irrelevant. The passion is there. He wants to see this team succeed and wants to be a part of it. So let him. What if it was Zach Wheeler who sent out that tweet? Would it matter?

I say let him be hyped for the team and what they did. It shows he wants to win. For me, he did nothing wrong. There was no need for the tweet to be deleted. McHugh just did what every Mets fan did after the sweep: bragged about it.

So now, my dear Collin McHugh, you need to back up that fire with some stellar pitching on Saturday. You are hanging with the big boys. Let’s see what you got. Hopefully you are nothing like you were last year with that 7.59 ERA. But before we even think about Saturday, let’s get through Friday.

The Mets are starting a three game series against the Miami Marlins tonight. It starts a nine game clash among division rivals. While the sweep against the Yankees was great, it no longer matters. This team has to handle their division. The Marlins are not expected to do anything. The Mets have to take advantage of a team that has lost their last nine games. Here is where they can make some noise and continue to pursue their goal of .500, at least.

Everything is one game at a time. One inning at a time. Forget the standings. With wins comes position. Worry about .500 before you worry about who is ahead of you because at some point, the team will have their chances with those above them.

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