Sandy Alderson: Time Is Up. Man Up and Right the Ship.

By / June 5, 2013 / 2013 Season

I have a news flash for you. The Mets have lost four games in a row. Are you shocked? Well, if you have been a fan of this team for the past few years, probably not. Last night was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I started to really wonder what the hell is going on.

Four steps forward and four steps back. Back to where they were before the Yankee series. What are they not doing that they should be? The pitching has not been too shoddy, except where the Miami Marlins are concerned. Some of the pitchers deserve more wins than theyir stats say they have. Where does the inconsistency lie? The offense.

Not only is this team barely hitting, they cannot get the job done at the most crucial points of a game. How are runs put on the board? By not leaving guys on base. Bring in the runs. It seems easy enough. It sounds easy enough. Yet for this New York Mets team, it is anything but easy. It isn’t a new story I am telling. It is one that has been repeated over and over again.

Now when the pitching is awful, the fans start screaming for Dan Warthens job. So with the lack of offense, why hasn’t anyone been hollering for the firing of hitting coach, Dave Hudgens? After all, it is his job to make sure that the players are hitting. Well, I am officially calling for the firing Hudgens. (Look up players BA)

Speaking of firings, GM Sandy Alderson should be put on notice as well. He had three years, at least in my opinion, to turn this ship around. What has he done? He kept Jose Reyes when he should’ve traded him. He listened to the fans. Mistake number one. To me, he is sacrificing the present for the future. He has not created a good enough balance between the two. Alderson cannot keep saying, “Next year. Next year.” At some point, “next year” has to come.

Some may excuse it and put all of the blame on the Wilpons because that’s what Mets fans do best: blame the owners for everything that is wrong. I disagree, to a certain extent. I’m sure Alderson could have spent an extra $1.25 million for Lyle Overbay as a backup to Ike Davis.

This is how I think things should be done. The general manager of a team should be telling the owners what needs to be done and create a good enough argument that will convince ownership to go with it. Alderson has to be able to stand up to the Wilpons. If you get fired for doing what you thought was best, at least the fans will hail you for trying instead of calling you a puppet. Yes, I am calling him a puppet because he seems content to just sit back and wait until the owners open their change purse and give him pennies, a’la Ebeneezer Scrooge.

This is not “A Tale of Two Cities”, but the fans keep looking like Oliver saying to their owners, “Please sirs. Can we have more?”. This is on Alderson. What little money he had, he spent poorly. He should be making the argument for the promotion of Zack Wheeler now before the hole that has been dug gets any deeper. Forget the arbitration nonsense. Now is not the time to penny pinch. Trades need to start happening long before the trade deadline, like before the All-Star break. If things don’t turn around by then, all is lost. The Mets can still make things happen if Alderson would grow a set and stand up to the Wilpons.

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I agree. I think in certain respects his hands are tied, all that being said, I better see some major improvements next year. he has put a bad team together this year


Alderson has made it known, according to Metsblog, that he will step down in 2014 if he isn’t allowed to spend money this offseason. So that is a step in the right direction.


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