Bob Costas Disgruntled Over Mets’ Celebration

By / June 17, 2013 / Media

Bob Costas is by far one of the greatest sports broadcasters. There is no denying this. However, he came off bob-costasmore as a pompous, arrogant, disgruntled, juvenile twit when he made the following comments about the Mets celebrating their walk-off win:

“The Mets with four in the bottom of the ninth to win it 4-3, and a team 14 games under .500 celebrates as if it just won the seventh game of the World Series. Another indication of the ongoing decline of western civilization.”

Somebody sounds a little bitter over something. I don’t know. Maybe he was bitter because he had to work on Father’s Day rather than be with his two children. I mean, my father wished he had Father’s Day off to spend with my sister, my mother and myself. However, that does not give Mr. Costas the right come to off as a self-righteous jerk over the Mets walk-off win.

Excuse the Mets for having a less than sub-par season and manage to pull off a win over the lackluster Chicago Cubs. There has not been much to celebrate about at Citi Field. How about having some partying happen on Father’s Day? Sorry you got stuck working the studios. Do not tell the Mets how they should act after a win. Mets players and their fans will party like it is 1999 whenever and wherever they damn well please.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis came up from the minors. He got the winning hit. A three-run home run, no less. His teammates decided to celebrate what he did. This was a guy who was sent down for not performing. Here his performing at the most crucial point in the game. You want to begrudge them for this? You have some nerve.

I think Mets strength coach, Jim Malone, said it best on his twitter account:

For a man who claims to love the game, and so many feel could or should be the next baseball commissioner, you really do not get it. That is something we can all shake our heads at. It does not matter how far behind you are in the standings. A walk-off win like the Mets had yesterday, where they did nothing until the ninth inning, is something to celebrate. It could be the start of something great.

You are right, Mr. Costas. The team is 14 games under .500. They have most certainly under-performed in the 2013 season. But on a day where fathers have taken their children to watch a baseball game, some perhaps for the first time, it was a game worth celebrating. How dare you try to take that away from the players and their fans.

They say the media should stick together. However, Costas, on this you came close to standing alone. Lucky for you Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts on WFAN are around to defend you. Yet, they are the only ones. You certainly came off as the biggest jerk in sports media. That is a big accomplishment in this industry. I’m sure there are some who would nominate others for that title.

In closing, we’ll be sure to tell baseball teams, football teams and the-like that celebrating come from behind victories are not allowed and only help to continue the “decline of western civilization”. I guess Victor Cruz of the New York Giants won’t be doing anymore Salsa moves when he makes a touchdown or two.

The best part of all of this is how the Mets players and company came after Costas on Twitter. You can read their tweets here.

Here’s the video clip in case you did not see it.

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Roger Noriega


I am with Bob on this one . . . it is, but one game. As for being a non-athlete, directed at Costas, my response to that individual is: one is to comport themselves as a professional, not as they did.

Hey, he expressed an opinion. WoW. I will tell you this, I’d be unhappy about having to call a game on Father’s day!

Brad Gaschler

Roger, are you kidding? Its a win, it was done in awesome fashion. 4 runs in the ninth, who fairly recently was considered a very good closer. Every team who wins walk off fashion celebrates because its a game! Go Mets, turn this around, and even if you don’t…Lets Go Mets!


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