Zack Wheeler Called Biggest Bust in Mets History

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I think it is rather harsh for someone to so irresponsibly call Zack Wheeler the biggest bust Defeated Wheelerin the history of a team. I don’t know what Craig Carton had for breakfast, maybe some spit, but he was out of his mind to dub a kid who has only pitched in three games “the biggest bust”. I can think of at least three people who were a much bigger bust after spending at least one year in the majors.

Fortunate for Wheeler, for the fans are definitely behind him. Manny Guerrero had this to say when told about Carton’s comments:

He’s gonna be a great pitcher, but 90% of our fellow fans need to “calm their hormones” for a prospect they’ve ONLY heard of since the Beltran trade, but really know nothing of. Those exact same fans will blame the organization for bringing him up so soon, but they were requesting for months to bring him up.

Joseph Curci gave his opinion too saying:

He does this all the time. He plays the role of the typical impulsive, spoiled, narrow minded, impatient, “I wanna win now” douchy everyfan while Boomer plays the voice of reason. I’m not a bit surprised.

I would like to say that I think people meed to stop comparing Matt Harvey and Wheeler. It isn’t fair to either one. it is like comparing the development of siblings. you can create a rivalry. What should bring them together could tear them apart. The only thing they have in common is both having successful first games. Harvey struggled after his first. understand that this is all a process. i think the fan base has a better grasp on this then Carton.

Check the video to see exactly how I felt on the topic. See which current player I said made a huge impact on his team despite having an ERA over seven two starts into his career.

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lol Well, we are talking Mets prospects here. But Bonilla was a bust signing.


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