Throwback Thursday: New York Mets Celebrate July 4th at Shea Stadium

By / July 4, 2013 / Media, Past, Present and Future

Here comes another year where we celebrate our country’s independence. Maybe one day we will celebrate our independence from the Wilpons. For now, how about a throwback video on this throwback Thursday. No better way to have a throwback day than with Shea Stadium.

Happy 4th of July, Mets fans! Be safe! Be responsible! Let’s Go Mets! No better way to celebrate than taking the series against a first place team.


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robert feldmann

Independence from the Wilpons…dare we dream ???? just imagine the possibilities

robert feldmann

after all thats happened so far what else would it take the next step … didnt something happen with George a few years ago where he would have lost the time if he didnt sign over control to Hank (something about pinella and gansters i think) this could be similar to that


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