Throwback Thursday: Tug McGraw and 1973 Mets Believe All the Way to the Pennant

By / July 11, 2013 / Media, Past, Present and Future, Players

They say it takes a team to win a game. Well it took one man to believe to get the team all of the way to the 1973 Mets Yearbookpennant in 1973. On this throwback Thursday, we are taking a trip to 1973 and that terrific run to the playoffs.

It will never cease to amaze me how a team in last place as of August 30th, managed to make a run all the way to the pennant. Sure in our present time, 6.5 games may not seem like a great feat. Back in those days, it probably seemed impossible. Still, they only had a short time to leapfrog five teams to get to the top.

I can only imagine what it must have felt like to be a Mets fan back then when all of this happened. So let’s take a trip to 1973 just before the playoffs started. This interview features players from that team, including Rusty Staub, Tim McGraw, Willie Mays and Cleon Jones.


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