Mets Demote Jordany Valdepsin and Temper Flares Up in Clubhouse

By / July 15, 2013 / Media, Players

Jordany Valdespin was demoted to Triple-A to make room for pitcher Scott Atchison. To say the news was not vspinhandled well by the hot tempered Latino is an understatement. Things were getting so out of hand that bullpen coach Ricky Bones had to step in to bring order to chaos.

Somebody needs to tell this kid that throwing a temper tantrum does nothing for your reputation. If anything, it just makes you the least liked guy. It doesn’t matter your talent. Well, things got a little worse for this kid.

The guys over at Amazin’ Avenue shared this tweet by Mike Puma of the New York Post about Valdespin late last night.

You all know that I am not, in any shape or form, a fan of Valdespin. I think he has no place on this team. According to multiple reports, he is not liked in the clubhouse, self-absorbed and has no respect for anyone or the game.

Now, if this is true, shame on Valdespin. If the Mets can cut him loose, I think they should. The last thing this organization needs is another Lastings Milledge. Remember what an attitude he had? Say what you want about Terry Collins. Sure he has made his share of mistakes during his time here, but he does not deserve this type of disrespect by a player.

Valdespin demanded to be placed on the DL. Just who the hell is Valdespin to be making demands of any kind? You didn’t get the job done. Shut up, suck it up and fix your problems before you go running your mouth acting like you are the big boy on campus. Newsflash! You’re not. You did nothing to earn the right to ask for any type of favors.

Jorge Castillo from the Star-Ledger gives a great look into the commotion in the clubhouse after Valdespin found out about his demotion. Despite all of this, Collins defended his player saying:

It’s hard for a young player who has pretty much spent his whole career as an everyday player to come up and play, maybe, once a week and then come off the bench and hit. It’s very difficult. So he’s got to go get some playing time. He’s got to go get his swing back — certainly get back in the lineup. If he’s going to come back, at least he’s got to get some at-bats.

Here is Valdespin’s response to this whole situation:


This did not sound like something Valdespin said himself. Clearly this was written for him to post on Twitter. This whole situation is not going to get any better. So rather than deal with it, cut him loose. Either that or send him to a psychiatrist. Maybe anger management. He needs an attitude adjustment. Send him to my parent’s house. They’ll fix him really good.

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