David Wright and Matt Harvey Performance Ticket Offers

By / July 16, 2013 / 2013 Season, Players

David Wright took his place in the batters box last night at Citi Field for the Home Run Derby. He was looking towright derby put on a show for his fans. The fans were hoping for the same. They wanted to see their captain win the home run derby. It would be a way to get rid of Wright’s home run demons in the ballpark. Alas, it did not happen.

Although Wright was eliminated after the first round, Mets fans did not walk away empty handed thanks to the New York Mets.

After the All-Star break the Mets will be entering into a crucial stretch of games. The next four series are all against division rivals. No better time to cheer on the team than during a division rivalry series. For those who continue to believe this team has a chance to do something great, this could make or break their year.

Thanks to Wright, for finishing in 6th place, the fans get a 30 percent discount on the upcoming Philadelphia Phillies series, July 19-21. Be sure to enter CODE: WRIGHT.

There is another chance for discounted tickets for Matt Harvey during tonight’s game as well. This one goes for how many players he strikes out. Tickets are for the Atlanta Braves series, July 22-25th.

  • 6Ks = 60% off
  • 5Ks = 50% off
  • 4Ks = 40% off
  • 3Ks = 30% off
  • 2Ks = 20% off
  • 1k = 10% off

After tonight’s All-Star game, you can use CODE: HARVEY to apply your discount on the upcoming crucial series. Mets fans are all hoping for a great second half. There is no better way to start part two of the season. So go online, purchase your tickets and cheer your team on.

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