For David Wright, All-Star Game Environment Brings Playoff Craving

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Despite the rumors of the 2013 All-Star game being boring, I found it to be a slightly interesting All-Star game, harvey wrightespecially on the part of the Mets fans.

David Wright gets eliminated in the first round of the home run derby. Matt Harvey shines while drilling Robinson Cano on side of his knee. Here is what shocked me. The most amazing part was the satisfaction of the fan base over the performance of their two all-star players.

After Wright’s elimination in the derby, I fully expected to hear Mets fans go off. It seems the team cannot seem to do right to satisfy everybody. However, instead of complaining or being in uproar about the elimination, the only person who seemed even remotely disappointed was Wright himself. The fans were okay with it because they were so worried about it ruining his swing.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m sure Mets fans would’ve loved to have seen him win it at home, but they knew there was much more at stake than a home run derby contest. Memories of his last home run derby appearance and what happened after that ran through their minds.

Harvey definitely took in every moment. He even admitted to being a little nervous. Case in point, he allowed a first pitch double to Mike Trout of the Anaheim Angels and followed that with a 96 mph fastball into Cano’s knee. Did you really think it was on purpose? Of course not! Even Harvey said as much:

Obviously the last thing I wanted to do there was possibly injure somebody.

Cano understood. The only ones who didn’t, were some disgruntled Yankee fans who wished harm on Harvey. Nice way to keep it classy, wouldn’t you say? Harvey was able to settle down after that. In two innings he did not allow a single run. Maybe they should’ve kept him in the game. At least we know it isn’t just a Mets offense problem when it comes to Harvey pitching. Clearly the National League has some power issues.

No matter what it was that you saw, it was wonderful to see what Citi Field looked like packed. I started thinking about some of the days at Shea Stadium when the ballpark, despite its massiveness, still looked a lot more full than Citi Field has since it opened in 2009. It saddened me to think it took an All-Star game, fans of numerous teams from the New York Mets to the Texas Rangers, to see what she looks like when everyone comes around.

I started to think about the possibility of playoff appearances in the future and the excitement surrounding Citi Field. The last time I felt so much excitement was when she officially opened her gates for all to enjoy. Before that, 2006 at Shea Stadium. Even Wright talked about how much he enjoyed the environment, to hear the crowd roar in favor of two New York Met all-stars.  He talked about the hunger he has to bring the playoffs to Citi Field.

This is kind of how I remember October baseball being. It’s a shame that I’ve only been there once [in 2006], and have very distant memories of it. But baseball means so much more to New Yorkers. This is, in my eyes, the greatest baseball stage in the world.

This was not just another All-Star game. It was the first one at Citi Field. It gave a rookie of the 2013 team a taste of what he is missing out on by not making the playoffs, a taste of what could be in the future. It reminded a veteran captain of what once was and still should’ve been.

Nothing would make Citi Field more exciting than to be on the big stage again. Imagine her during the playoffs. Picture the excitement surrounding her. If you had a chance to be at the All-Star game on Tuesday, you know exactly what I am talking about.

On Friday we officially enter the second half of the 2013 baseball season. Some dream of the Mets managing to sneak into the playoffs. While that is a very big dream, looking at some of the pieces that are in place, one can begin to think of Citi Field being a host to a playoff series very soon.

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