Former Brewers MVP Ryan Braun Suspended for PED’s with Minimum Penalty

By / July 23, 2013 / Media, Players

BraunA game of endurance. A game of quick decisions and agility. A game of strategy that proves challenging from the front office to the execution of a player. what player can I acquire that will help my team the most? Which pitcher against which hitter? Which hitter in a crucial situation? Do you leg out for an extra base? Do you power your way home with a home run?

The ultimate sign of power: home runs. Possibly the ultimate sign of deception, as well.

There are so many ways to help win a game. There are so many contributing parts like singles, doubles and triples. Yet the one hit that everyone wants is the home run. It is the most dramatic way to win a game. The true way for a player to show he is a hero.

Major League Baseball has started to go after all players associated with the Biogenesis scandal. The first guilty party sentenced is Ryan Braun. He is the ultimate slap in the face. Or is he? The only people he really did deceive was MLB with his sob story of innocence last year. Nobody bought it. Not even his fans.

MLB came out looking stupid by believing the story about the employee messing up the sample. Now one man has lost his job and a multi-million dollar baseball player gets a slap on the wrist. So the punishment is suspension for the rest of the season? That’s a joke!

Here you have a man who lied about what he did. He gave a PR apology. Nothing sincere about it. You suspend him for the rest of a season that means nothing and where he makes less money. So he can come back next year and continue to make millions? Nobody has a problem with this? I would’ve said he had to pay a minimum of 100 games.

Why did MLB give such a soft sentence? Why are deals being made? If these guys are as guilty as they are being accused, stiffer penalties should be brought on their heads. Sure they lose respect and their reputations are down the tube, but if they are making deals, they don’t care about the integrity of the game or the fans. They care about protecting their millions. What is the point in punishing these guys if you aren’t going to hit them where it hurts: their wallets?

The fans pay for the contracts of players. Where is the justice for the fans? It isn’t as if the fans will be reimbursed for seeing players that cheat their way to the top. The only justice fans get are the suspensions. From where I stand, the fans got cheated and MLB made themselves look ridiculous this time.

You want to know who really pays the price? The children of these players. Imagine having to go to school and all of the kids knowing your father is a cheater. Maybe the players should think about that before they put things in their bodies that don’t belong there.

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robert feldmann

very often the first one or few to get caught when an investigation is underway gets a deal for lighter punishment in exchange for ratting out others

that may be the case here


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