Despite Citi Field Issues, Mets Players Like Marlon Byrd and Eric Young, Jr. Want to Play Here

By / July 24, 2013 / 2013 Season, Players

A ballpark sits in Flushing craving for attention. For two days, she got it. She felt what itCiti field all star was like to be desired. Before that there seemed to be so much alone time. Not much to worry about with nobody around. The only thing to do is contemplate what life was like for her older sister, Shea Stadium, who passed on when Citi Field was brought to life.

What was it like when people wanted to come for a visit? What was it like when players hit balls that she could not hold on to? Oh to be able to have the parties her sister had not too far from where she is now. For two days, she got a taste of that. The All-Star game was her moment to shine for everyone.

As she stands in regal in Flushing, nobody can deny how beautiful she is. Her only fault are her measurements. Something most if not all females deal with. It isn’t Citi Field’s fault she is the way she is. She didn’t design herself. Neither did her sister. It doesn’t stop players from fearing her. Nobody wants to work with her. Is she viewed as the ballpark where careers go to die? Maybe, but not anymore.

There seems to be some excitement brewing within the walls of Citi Field. Two players have a strong desire to remain within the organization that made her. This despite home runs being few and far between. Two players believe in what is happening. Are we talking playoffs? Probably not! Yet that doesn’t stop Marlon Byrd and Eric Young, Jr. from wanting to be a part of this team. They see how exciting the world in Flushing can be as long as you fight hard for what you want. Showing that games can still be won despite the home run factor will make other players want to come here to play.

Citi Field wants nothing more than to continue to shine for the fans and the MLB stage at large. She wants to be desired by both. With the contributions of Byrd and Young, she has that chance. If the New York Mets can continue to do what they are doing, players will want to come here. Citi Field may be the park where home runs go to die, but she is the ballpark that highlights skills of other kinds.

Sure she is a pitcher park, but she is also a ballpark for the little guys that don’t get that much attention: the guys who can hit singles, doubles and triples. She is the ballpark that shows there are other ways to be a hero without hitting a home run. Like a knight to a dragon, she is a challenge waiting for those who dare to take her on.

Just like a number of women, she can be maddening. Yet if you really look at her, you see she isn’t as bad as she is made out to be. She is just different, specified for other skill sets. It is up to the fans and players to start appreciating the little things in baseball life.

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