Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez Suspension: He is not the victim despite how some may portray him

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As children we are taught right from wrong. When you do wrong, you face consequences. In school we are imagetaught to cheat on a test is to cheat ourselves out of an education. You also pay the consequences which can range from suspension to expulsion.

It should be no different in baseball, or any sport for that matter. A precedent must be set. Now it has.

You have children who look up to baseball players. Children don’t just wake up one day and say, “I want to be a great baseball player”. They will say, “I want to be a great baseball player just like…” and give the name of their hero. What if that hero is a user? What message does that send to a child? You are only as good as your PED or steroid? You can’t make it without the use of enhancements?

Major League Baseball has decided to go hard against all offenders of the Joint Drug Agreement. Could it be too little too late? Possibly. Think about all of the times that Bud Selig allowed for steroids and HGH to enter into the game, yet he turned a blind eye. Now there appears to be an epidemic. Now is when Selig decided to clean up the game and go hard to all offenders.

Some have considered yesterday a victory for MLB. In my eyes, it was just one more sad day for America’s favorite past time. I feel sorry for those who truly believed in their players and ended up on the Biogenesis list. I feel sorry for those who forgave Alex Rodriguez and welcomed him back to the game hoping he would help the New York Yankees accomplish great things. I feel for all of those children with a pinstripe jersey that has the number “13” on it.

The number should’ve given it away. The worst number you could possibly wear. There is certainly nothing lucky about the number “13”.

A few people have a problem with the way Rodriguez is being treated. They think he should just be forgiven and allowed to play. Here is the problem with that. It isn’t as if Rodriguez was not given the chance to redeem himself. It isn’t as if he was not given the chance to confess. He continues to deny it despite the evidence. In his welcome back press conference last night, he had this to say:

I’m sure there have been mistakes made. I’m a human being.

Take that as close to a confession as you are going to get. We get the human being part. We are all human beings. Yet we are all taught right from wrong. You are told that there are consequences to violating the joint drug agreement. You are being paid millions of dollars to play a children’s game. Yet you have the audacity to come out of your face and act like you are the victim? Is this a joke?

I’m fighting for my life. I have to defend myself. If I don’t defend myself, no one else will.

Nobody else will fight for you because you slapped too many people in the face. You betrayed the fans. You betrayed your teammates. You betrayed your organization. You disrespected a beautiful game that so many have come to love. How dare you! Nobody died and made you the king of baseball. You are just another man. You are a human being. Now you will be disciplined as one.

It doesn’t matter how Rodriguez looks or how well he plays. Nobody wants him around. Not the Yankees. Not the fans. Not Major League Baseball. Shame on the Players Association for working with Rodriguez on his appeal. I am appalled that they would even consider helping him. I do not care if that is their job. The PA should want this sport cleaned up. The players have spoken and said they want all players banned. There is no room for cheaters in this game.

Nobody wants an uneven playing field. I’m glad this happened. You want everybody on the same page. We shouldn’t be competing against guys who use drugs like that… Today is bad for baseball and the fans. But as a player, this is what you want. – Dustin Pedroia 2B, Boston Red Sox

We want these guys out of the game. We want all those drugs out of the game. I think there’s more guys who have done it the right way than not, so I think that’s why it’s turning that way.         – Chris Johnson 3B, Atlanta Braves

You’re like, those guys are doing stuff that’s affecting my career and they’re not playing the game the right way. So that’s frustrating. I think anybody can relate to that. If they’re not doing things the right way, and they’re beating you, then it leaves a sour taste in your mouth. So that’s why this is so important. Because nobody — players, ownership — nobody wants to see guys cheat.       – Tyler Clippard RHP, Washington Nationals

Cheaters should never be allowed to win. It takes away from the sport. It sends a bad message to the fans. It sends an even worse message to the players. I agree with Clippard. Allowing these guys to continue to play the game is an insult to those who are playing it legitimately. You are ruining their careers. Tip your cap to the guy who beats you honestly. What about the guy who beats you illegally?

For those who were suspended for 50 games, do yourself a favor and play the game honestly when you come back. It is the only way you will gain any respect back. You should start fresh as if you are a rookie. Whatever you have accomplished should be erased.

To Rodriguez I say this, now is the time to walk away. You have lost nearly everything. You will lose your appeal. You are only delaying the inevitable. The only way to come out of this with a shred of dignity is to man up and walk away from the game. You cheated too many people. You lost your spot in Cooperstown. No more endorsement deals. No more love from the fans. No more contracts. Unfortunately, you have become the most hated man in baseball. If Pete Rose was banned for gambling, you should be banned for cheating.

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robert feldmann

after they ban him they need to run the steinbrenners out of the game for looking the other way and trying to cover it all up

his teammates knew they have eyes they can see and did and said nothing they all need to go too


The Steinbrenners have nothing to do with it. They want out of the contract. They can’t void it. They only way out is a lifetime ban by Selig.

robert feldmann

why isnt there any kind of policy violations escape clauses in the fine print of their contracts

its a job like any other when you sign the dotted line you are agreeing that all the above statements are true and you will abide by what it says

Alex obviously was lying to the yankees when he signed the contract
thats fraud and they should be able to kick him off the team without pay just like if it was any other job


I agree with everything you said, I used to really like Alex when he was with the Mariners! I even went to a few games to see him and Ken Griffey play! I was heart broken when the truth was revealed before, I’m not a kid but collected a few of his starting line ups that are probably worthless now. ~Jordan


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