Yankees: As Rodriguez Goes Down, He is Bringing Everyone with Him

By / August 18, 2013 / Players

There are unwritten rules in life. We all know them. We don’t talk about them. They are just adhered to. The a-rod-gives-his-backbiggest of these rules is gravely obeyed, especially within the Mafia: You never rat out one of your own. Even if it is to save your own butt. There’s a reason that rule is the most important. A person can lose their life over that.

Do not count on people sticking up for you if you are going to rat someone out for the very same thing that you just go caught doing. If you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, don’t shout out your sibling for doing it too. Well, we’ve all done that one, haven’t we?

So here we are again where another guilty party pointing fingers at others. Somebody forgot to tell Alex Rodriguez that when he points at others, there are still three more fingers pointing right back at him.

I don’t understand the mind of this person. I can’t call him a man. A man owns up to what he does. At some point, even a child understands when he or she is in the wrong. Rodriguez is in his own world. I think he prefers it that way. In his world, rules are for others and not him.

What made him come out, or his people come out, and point fingers at players who already are paying the price for getting caught with using PED’s, that’s if the accusation is true? What was the point? The names were already known. Rodriguez is not saving his own butt with this. If anything, he is making things worse for himself. This time with his peers. Did he really think that he would get any type of respect for this?

Rodriguez talked about the support of the fans when he came back to play for the first time this season. I’m sure what little support he truly did have has fallen to the wayside.

Rodriguez continues to fall.

He points fingers at everyone else except himself. He blames everyone else except himself. It was he who decided to take banned substances to give him an edge. The results of that decision is a body that continues to break down. Yet even with that he manages to point fingers at the Yankees. They knew that he was hurt. They knew about his torn labrum and still had him play last  year.

All backs are facing Rodriguez as he is being cut off by everyone. Shame is the only word that can be used in this situation. Well, there is another one. I’m just not privy to using it. Players on other teams are tired of Rodriguez. They want him out. It’s not a secret. There is not a man out there who supports him. You can’t! You can’t defend him! You can’t believe him! He’s a liar. He’s a cheater! He couldn’t play the game right. Now, he can’t even live his life right. Every unwritten and written rule he has broken.

Sure Yankee players are saying they don’t believe he leaked out names, especially one of their own in catcher Francisco Cervelli. It’s the right thing to say. However, the fans are not that naive to believe it. Tension in the Yankee clubhouse is sure to be high.

There is a golden rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It is now open season. So to those who have been caught, by all means feel free to be a witness about Rodriguez banned substance abuse issues. Then again, even they understand, you don’t follow the “eye for an eye” rule. You let the stupid ones create their own demise.

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