Mets Fans Are Pissed and Should Demand More from Wilpons, Alderson

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It isn’t as if the fans want to hate their owners. They don’t want to imagehate the trainers or the staff. Yet what is a fan base to do when year after year they are expected to absorb the ineptitude of an organization that has money to spend and does it on all of the wrong parts? It’s like buying a Japanese car and expecting to use American parts to fix said car if it breaks down. (Yes, the Japanese part is intentional. The team has no luck with them either.) It won’t work.

Sandy Alderson has already made it known that if the Wilpons and company do not spend money, he is walking away. What does that say about the Wilpons? Even a man who believes in the Moneyball concept understands the need to spend when necessary.

Well it has become necessary.

Every year it is the same crap. They start off the season with a good week, spiral late April into May, gain ground in June, lose it after the All-Star break and finally disappear into the abyss of nothingness from August to September. It is a place so dark that even the fans cannot find a way to climb out of the darkness. A fan base that insists on believing no matter what has found it’s way into depression. Maybe instead of giving refunds for the season, the Wilpons should consider paying for therapy sessions or have a Prozac night. Maybe they should change the name of Citi Field to Prozac Field.

So as the year is slowly and excruciatingly coming to an end, the fans are left to wait, once again, to see what happens in the off season. What type of off season will this team have? Will it be productive? And if it is, by whose standards will it be productive?

There are so many questions that need answering. The sad thing is, they are the same questions asked at the end of every pathetic year: “Who takes the hit for another sad season?” “Should Terry Collins remain manager?” “Did Sandy Alderson do enough to make this team competitive?”

We can answer the first question last. As for Collins, the think tank of Alderson and company has already made up their mind about him. For those fans who insist on seeing him gone, think about this. Did you stop to consider that maybe a manager is only as good as the team presented to him? Perhaps Alderson and company realized that some stupid decisions on their part gave Collins a subpar team and it isn’t fair to punish him for their mistakes. Hell! It isn’t even fair to kill Alderson and his team for the Wilpons’ shortcomings. Yet here we are. There is also the argument that the best manager always finds a way to win.

As for the team being competitive, we all know the answer to that. As always, things never happen to help the team at the trade deadline. We always seem to give away the one or two good things the team actually has. So what is a team to do? WhT is a fan base to do?

My other question would be if the team believes in what it’s management is doing. Do they think that Alderson and Colllins are the right men for the job that needs to get done? I don’t want to hear how we need to build the farm system anymore. Let’s build a team that can actually compete now. How about that? How about using the logic of “if you build it, they (the fans) will come”? How about that?

How about doing something that will excite the fans rather than sitting on your rich hands doing nothing but raising the ticket prices? How about that? Did you think about that? Of course not! Why? It is quite simple. People are too busy being greedy than caring about what it is that will help them make money by getting the fans to come to the games through the entire year instead of just the first half.

So this is how this is going to go. There will be no apologies from anyone to the fans. There will be no real answers to the questions we ask. They will be the same answers we hear every year. Ticket prices will be raised. Few fans will buy. At this point, nobody blames them for not buying. Wait until you see what is done during the offseason. Commit to nothing until management and ownership commit to the fans. It is going to be a long offseason. Enjoy your football season, unless you are a New York Giants fan in which case you hate your football life as much as your baseball life.

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Robert, some would say a good manager can work with what he has. Just playing devil’s advocate.


I don’t think ticket prices will be raised if the Wilpons don’t spend any money. Even they aren’t that ridiculous. I have stayed away from Citi and attended a few road games the last few years. I refuse to put money into this team until the Wilpons spend some.

Edgy DC

It’s already been announced that prices are staying where they are.

I’m not pissed. This is paying for what they bought years ago (questionable investments on the field, disastrous ones off, just as the economy was collapsing). They’ve kept a viable team on the field while divesting and letting obligations run out. Now they’ve established leverage to be bold and nimble. We’ll see.

It’s a game, though. With 29 other organizations absolutely bent on breaking our hearts. Nothing is guaranteed, and nothing is worth getting too pissed over.

I think it’s important to look at Sandy Alderson in the role of a corporate turnaround specialist, cutting fat, re-analyzing markets, and returning the organization to solvency. In a sense, his bosses are the organization’s creditors as much as the owners.


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