Mets End Torment of Fans as Management Regroups

By / September 30, 2013 / 2013 Season

Golf club membership? Check. Golf clubs? Check. Tee? Check. Golf balls? sad mr. metCheck. Caddy? Well the bat boy isn’t doing anything, so…check.

It’s done. It’s over. The Mets can no longer torment their fans. It wasn’t a merciful ending, but an ending nonetheless. Seeing your potential stars get shut down one by one and then told who knows when they will come back is a scary thought. You hoped 2014 would be the year they make a run and now that has been put into question.

Another year gone. In six months, another one will begin again. What the next year will bring will be determined during this off season.

So many questions. Too many that have heart shattering potential if not handled correctly. Will they?

Terry Collins will be handed another two year contract. Agree or disagree, it makes no difference. Maybe management realizes they did not give him the quality he needed to make a push. There really is much to be desired on the playing field. But whatever is placed is definitely up to Mr. Sandy Alderson and company. At most Collins can do is let him know what he needs and hope to God they bring him the right guys.

Another offseason started way too soon.

Plans. They all had plans. They continue to make plans. Are the actions matching the plans that are being made? At first glance it seems that they are. Then you get a closer look and realize that it doesn’t look like things are coming together quite as nicely as you were made to believe.

Deceit. Is that the name of the game? Make the fans believe in something long enough to get them to the games. It doesn’t matter if it is for the entire season, right? Wrong! It matters. What happens in this offseason must happen in truth and not deceit. When they say they will spend, they must adhere to it. The terms for continued allegiance is to do right by the fans. To do that, money must be spent. Players must be analyzed from medical history to the most minuscule stat and checks must be written.

Accountability. This is the one area that there has not been enough of. Those who have failed in their jobs must be held accountable. This begins immediately. With the season over, the time for payment has begun. Failed at your job? You lose your job. It is that simple. There is no loyalty. If you sit in the big man chair, you have to be willing to make the big man decisions. The big man has no loyalties. It is a business. Conduct it as such. No friends! Just minions!

This is the do-or-die offseason. This is the put-up-or-shut-up offseason. It is the put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is offseason. To ownership and management the fans shout from the rooftops: “Commit to us and this team, then we can talk about us committing to you”.

The plans are being made. The waiting commences. The clock has begun to tick. What actions will be taken to make the plans a reality?

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